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About Mario Cummings

At the tender age of 19 in the year 2002, the ever patriotic Mr. Cummings rearing with youth and vitality entered the Jamaican defense force with a desire to do service for his country with great honor and pride. And now, a decade and more later he has acquired more than he ever taught or dreamed of mentally and physically possible.


His training commenced in the wee hours of the morning long before day break could be seen. As one well knows punctuality and discipline go hand in hand within the Army. A recruit must always present himself neatly attired and also ensure that his living quarters meets the necessary requirement of cleanliness. At the same time excellence is also expected throughout the training. With that in mind, Mr. Cummings mastered all that was expected of him and gave his best in all aspects of training.
After a rigorous 6 months of toil, pain, sweat and utmost dedication, Mario became a soldier and it was the beginning of the many achievements that would follow.


Mr. Cummings was stationed at the Infantry Battalion for 2 years from 2002-2004. Later on in 2004, he was transferred to Coast Guard Division to become an ordinary seaman; however ordinary was no where close in his Persona.
His first overseas course was in Guadalupe. There he did a French Commander Course. With a duration of 2 weeks, a Certificate was acquired. Soon after this, in 2005, he did the Life Guard Course and immediately after, he did the Basic Diving Course, both had a duration of 2 months and a Certificate was obtained at the end of each Course.
In 2006, Mr. Cummings still eager to gratify his thirst for knowledge in Physical education did the 2 months Basic Physical Training Course and also got a Certificate at the end of it.
In 2007, he was shipped off to the Eastern Caribbean to work as a diver for 2 months which he embraced so as to add a bit of experience in the world of diving.
At the beginning of the year 2008, he decided to try something very different and that was just what he did. He did the Basic Martial Arts Certificate Course which lasted for 3 months and because he was the top student in the class, he was selected to do a display at the Chinese Embassy in Jamaica. His performance was done with such perfection that he was sent to China for 1 year (2008-2009) to do a diploma course to become a Martial Arts Instructor at the People Liberation Army (PLA). While on course in China, Mr. Cummings took part in the National Wushu Competition held in Guangzhou. There he was placed 2nd obtaining a silver medal.
On returning home in 2010, he went to Panama Florida, where he did a 5 months Certificate course to become a Navy diver. A license was also obtained from the International Association of Nitrax and Technical Diving Advance Open Water. In his own personal time in the later half of 2010, he did an online course with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) where he got his Rescue Diver and his Dive Master License.
In 2011, he further pursued a course as Physical Training Instructor in Trinidad, a 7 months Diploma Course. While on this course he also obtained a Combat Physical Training Instructors Certificate.
In 2012 Mario did a Fitness Instructors Course and also was apart of the Military Tattoo to celebrate Jamaica’s Golden 50th Independence.
This ambitious young man has achieved so much over the years that his portfolio holds the title of a Soldier, an Ordinary Seaman, a Martial Arts Instructor, A Diver; Rescue Diver; Dive Master, A Physical Training Instructor in both Basic and Advanced Qualifications, a Lifeguard and I am convinced that it doesn’t end there.


In 2008, Mario was featured in an Article in Jamaica Defence Force All Arms Magazine. With professionalism in everything he does, Mr. Cummings is the new face in the world of Physical Training and Education. Rest assured his performances never ceases to amaze his audience with articulation, precision, his own personal style and flare he eagerly a waits in great anticipation for Joe De Vie come 2014 to rock Jamaica and the World at large.