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The Experiences

The Exumas are comprised of many Islands and Cays some inhabited and most are not. These chain of islands are the extremely beautiful and very popular for yachting, sailing, diving, beach picnic, coral reef diving, and cave exploring.

Our tours features the latest phenomenons of feeding Iguanas, swimming with sharks and pigs, and get-a-way tours. Our tour guide and captain know every spot and point of interest that will excite our clients and would like to share this beautiful paradise with you.

Special Group Rate, All inclusive , Landing fees, lunch, refreshments, transport to dock start at $1800

$80 All inclusive beach party, transportation to dock, food, drinks, music

Special rates all inclusive $240, landing fees, swimming pigs, starfish dive, shark encounters, world most beautiful sandbar,Thunderdall Grotto, and lunch, with our very own comfort punch.$200 lunch not included.